Activcare Physical Therapy, with seven convenient locations in Raleigh, Clayton, Cary and Fayetteville, NC, provides patients from all walks of life with world-class, comprehensive physical and occupational therapy services that improve function, encourage independence, and enhance quality of life.

BREAKING NEWS | Activcare Physical Therapy Announces Opening of Second Cary Office

February 7, 2014: Activcare Physical Therapy, one of NC's foremost providers of outpatient rehabilitation services, has expanded operations to a total of nine clinics in North Carolina.  Read More

BREAKING NEWS | Activcare Physical Therapy Offering Post Offer of Employment Testing to Merck

October 24, 2013: New workforce solution service is now available through Activcare Physical Therapy.  Read More

Complete Physical Therapy for Total Body Rehabilitation

We specialize in multiple aspects from pain management to geriatric services. Physical therapy changes from patient to patient depending on the type of care required. At Activcare Physical Therapy, each of our patients is given one-on-one care based on their specific evaluations and needs. We can help you rehabilitate your body, and your life. Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve through healing, education, and empowerment.

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Orthopedic physical therapy plays an important role in the lives of those patients who have suffered injuries as the result of playing sports, work related injuries, and as well as those who have been involved in car accidents.

Our orthopedic physical therapists specialize in the operations of the muscular and skeletal system. They are able to identify and link various types of disorders and injuries that affect a patient’s muscles, bones or joints, and will create a treatment plan to promote successful rehabilitation.

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In the United States, lower back pain is the fifth most common reason for physician visits.  With a staff of highly qualified physical therapists, our therapists will work with you to assess your individual situation and put together a unique physical therapy program that suits your needs and your recovery goals.

Back treatment and back therapy are fairly common areas of physical therapy. Contrary to popular belief, most back pain is preventable through some of the following examples: avoiding prolonged inactivity or bed rest as well as taking the time to invest in a mattress of medium firmness so as to minimize any curve in your spine.

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Activcare promotes health and independence within our senior population.

We strive to help geriatric patients regain their independence while improving balance, strength and function.

We offer these, and more, services for our senior population:
» flexibility training
» balance retraining
» fall prevention education
» assistive device training

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Physical therapy is an important aspect to pain management. At Activcare, we specialize in reducing pain and improving function.

Our physical therapists will provide education on exercise and pain management to help you regain flexibility and improve function.

We will evaluate, diagnose, and treat your pain to create the right combination of clinical therapies and exercise.

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Our diverse staff of physical therapists is trained to evaluate and treat women of all ages and conditions. We specialize in enhancing the lifespan of women to incorporate health, education and empowerment. 

We treat women with …
» lower back pain
» cesarean and vaginal delivery problems
» irritable bowel dysfunction (IBD)
» vulvar pain
» osteoporosis
» fecal incontinence
» oncology-related matters
» lymphedema
» TMJ disorder

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Activcare specializes in men's health issues such as urogenital problems, incontinence and pelvic pain. We help our patients decrease and manage their symptons through education and manual therapy.

These are a few of the treatments Activcare offers for male patients:
» core strengthening
» massage
» trigger point release
» joint mobilization

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Neurological therapy is extremely important for those patients with neurological diseases or injuries. Such injuries to the brain and spinal cord can negatively affect a person's ability to control movements and can also detract from sensory perception.

Without some sort of neurological therapy with a physical therapist, patients suffering from neurological injuries stand the chance of losing the ability to perform mundane, necessary day-to-day functions.

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Activcare Physical Therapy has Certified Vestibular Rehab Physical Therapists who provide specialied treatment for dizziness and balance dysfunction. People with vestibular problems may experience symptoms such as blurred vision, a sense of spinning, poor balance, motion sensitivity or carsickness. Our unique program is designed to reduce dizziness, improve balance and improve the general quality of life in patients with vestibular dysfunction.

Activcare Physical Therapy strives to improve the quality of life in every patient we treat through a comprehensive evaluation, individualized one-on-one treatment and patient education.

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Activcare Physical Therapy provides performance-enhancing solutions for all ages and athletic levels. Our physical therapists help with recovery from complex surgical procedures to every day sprains and strains. You can trust our experts to get you back in the game.

These are a few of the sport-related problems we can treat:
» knee injuries
» shin splints
» fractures
» meniscus debridement
… and many others.

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Cardiovascular therapy is needed for patients with cardiopulmonary disorders and patients who have had cardiac or pulmonary therapy. Activcare's skilled therapists will provide you with manual therapy to return you to an active and independent life.

Living an active life and taking advantage of cardio fitness can drastically reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes. At Activcare Physical Therapy, we will provide you with the necessary training to successfully live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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For more information about the various physical therapy services that we provide, physician information and/or other services, feel free to contact us by phone at 919-786-7434.


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